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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Colours of life

Why colours come into our life?
I meant 'colours' in the definitions of high and low of a life...

Recently, I felt those colours come all in one shot and I've gained and lost something. Firstly, I have tough times with my friends but I've settle my thoughts about them. I've change my attitude and the way I talk so that I can't hurt people's feelings. It's good to change with positive mood. Afterwards, something bad comes and I was mad about it! I haven't got so mad (consider me here "over pissed off") in my life! In the end, one of my good friends once told me that I should give mercy and forgiveness every time I meet people that I hate or don't like. I glad I did but more bad things come.

I don't grief or mad at it because I give my mercy to them and in the end, it's not my lose.

This is my colours of in my life and I accept them as a part of life stakes. No matter how, I need to move on positively so that I won't be stress and tense by thinking negative things especially those problems is a past event. No regret to look forward and leave the bad thoughts behind. Colours are spices of life. Imagine the world without colours...
It's not good because everything will be black and white. There's neither expression nor feeling. As if a dead world to me... Think of colours, it will give you infinite feelings about it.
See the difference? It's wonderful!
Okey, enough craps on the colours definitions. As a chemist, colours are important to identify and see the reaction in a reagent or mixture. Wonder if no colours in this world, we are gonna look the solution like this...
Can you identify each solutions?
So, colours are important as a visual aid for chemist.
Last few weeks, I had an experiment on Beer-Lambert law by mixing two components:- metal Ni2+ with ethylenediamine (en) on different concentrations respectively. Results? You won't be interested on it but somehow, I bet you like this!
Spectrum of Ni2+-(en) complexes!
"What'cha looking at?!?"
Much nicer in test tubes...
Wish I have a few test tubes and use them to have wine!
What an imagination!

Colours indeed not bring life but feelings and they make this world wonderful. Life, man... That's why I always told myself, "Life is short and fragile". Appreciate your life because we can't predict the future. By the way, making a small condolences...

Tevindiran Subramaniam
1992 -2009

I don't know about him until he add me in Facebook. Consider I know him not for long, it's sad to know life is unpredictable. He's so young and he leave us...
May he rest in peace...


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