How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

French Language (Level 1)

Bonjour madame monsieur! Comment ça va? Je vais bien, merci.
(Good day/Hello ladies and gentlemen! How are you today? I'm fine, thank you)

Ha ha! Finally, I'm into some foreign language (seriously) on every Tuesday and Thursday in UTAR Kampar. Ain't cheap you know to have such class which cost me RM 190...
What a blood sucker...

Anyway, my first option on foreign language was Thai actually... Sawatdee and other 'kap-kap' verse but UTAR doesn't have it. So, in order to fulfill my USSDC marks which is quite an essential cert in UTAR activities...which makes it no difference than primary and secondary school co-curicullum! After having a 3 hours report writing and 2 hours nap, I headed to UTAR Block E around 5.25 pm.

I look at the sky...
Don't you dare to...
(The sky didn't listen to me!)

Never mind. I cycled towards UTAR Kampar and ended up wet on my trousers! When I entered to the lecture hall, it was freezing (like hell!) and I was shivering!

When the teacher come, it was unexpected.He is one of the internation lecturer who teach Electronic Engineering in UTAR, Dr. Aissa Boudjella. Yes, he's a French. (at the first place, I thought he's from islamic countries).

During his teaching, I hardly catch his English words and he emphasize a lot on French pronouciation! I was...
...speechless and don't know what to say. I managed to practise with Jensen and Wei Thian at the same time to catch up. In the end, Dr. Aisaa asked each students to introduce ourselves using French (of course after a few teaching on self-introduction)! When is my turn, I said:-

Je m'appelle Nigel. Je suis etudiant. Je suis Malaisien.

(My name is Nigel. I'm a student and Malaysian)

Cool man! I can intro myself in French but Jensen seemed to be much better than me! He speak louder and clearer pronouciation. Never mind, step by step first... I've download two reference books on learning French language and hopefully I can advance on it!

(See you next time/Bye)

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