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Friday, December 26, 2008

Help On Friendster Comment Spams!

Firstly, Fraudsters and scammers will setup a phishing site which looks alike to a real web page (Friendster's log-in page) not only on its layout but sometimes its domain too (E.G.:,

See the difference between the actual friendster`s web page and fake web page

[Click to enlarge]

After they have finished with the fake log-in page, they will spread it out on Friendster in many ways such as post it on bulletin, email and even submit it on your comment or testimonial box. They will post their fake log-in web page with text or image to redirect users to their fake log-in web page. We cannot embed any video or flash on friendster's comment box, so it proves below comments just images.

Few samples of malicious comments

Once a user clicked on the link or image, It will redirect the user to their fake Friendster's log-in web page. Those who are not aware on this scamming technique will enter their personal information in order to log-in on the fake web page, thinking it's the actual Friendster site. Your username and password will be sent to the fraudster or scammer and obtained by them once you click on the "Log In" button. Indirectly, Now they have full control of your account on Friendster.

Lastly, they will spread out the link using your account to others especially those who are in your friends list. They may do it manually or using any robot. So, please don't be shocked if you receive any unusual or weird e-mail, post or comment from your friends. Because it has done without your friends knowledge because there is someone else gained control of their account and occasionally misusing it to get more victims.

So if you are a victim, it's not too late for you to undo your previous mistakes.

  • All that you must do now is change or reset your current password to a new password. (Do it frequently to avoid yourself from be a victim of phishing, in the future.)

There are some easiest ways to avoid from being a phishing victim.
  • All Friendster (or any other social network sites) users should be wary and check whether they are in the actual site before logging in. As a precaution, the Friendster site should be bookmarked and should not be accessed using any other external link.
  • Passwords for the Friendster account and email address should also be and different and frequently reset it.
  • Surf the Internet more securely by using Mozilla Firefox (3.0 or above) web browser. This web browser has built-in Phishing and Malware Protection to help keep you safe online.
Credits (Summarized): Did your Friendster account hack?
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