How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Suffering is my past...

Okey, since I stop my grandmother story until Week 3...

Nothing much but in the middle of Week 3, I had a TOTAL change in my life! I meant TOTALLY CHANGE MY LIFE! Believe it or not, it's up to you. For those who believe my story later on, I believe you had a nightmare like me in your past... So, I shall begin my story....

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

As usual, I past my days by attending lectures, tutorials and practicals like no other days... Boring but I have to go through. I need to work hard as I'm going to have mid-term exams on Week 6 onwards. Scary, isn't it? Haven't 2 months in UTAR, we need to go for tests. But for me, studies constantly can avoid having hard times in exams. So, study study study until the night comes. As UTARians know, Wednesday is a definite day of going out because there is pasar malam (night market) on every Wednesday at Bandar Baru Kampar. So, it a must for me not to miss my favorite keropok lekor and a pack of cendol on that very own day. So, I go with Sze Hao as we both were planning after going for pasar malam, we and Chea Lin gonna discuss about the practical from Dr. Chee. It's an interval for us every week to discuss our weekly experiment. But somehow, on that day, we promise to discuss those practicals at Chea Lin's house instead of my house. Have to lar, because Chea Lin insisted so! Girl ma, so me and Sze Hao are gentlemen so we followed her 'suggestion'! We go to her house and settle everything as we usually do but we kinda discuss until near midnight. Somemore, that Si Chea Lin ask me to fix her computer and her housemate's notebook. I'm very 'tai fong' (open) so I give them my helping hand. So, I go back home around 11 PM from Chea Lin's house. Actually, on that day, I can't feel anything weird around me especially I'm dared to cross the shortcut that I usually go everytime I go to UTAR campus. Since I'm capable to sense 'things' (the third eye), I can't feel anything weird on that shortcut I took at that nearly midnight hour. As usual, I go back to home, pack my backpack for tomorrow lesson and sleep my ass... About Michele, she's on her own schedule as usual so I'm quite ease to see her that she's okey!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I had a simple breakfast and lunch with my gang so we attend the lectures and tutorials as usual. On the evening time, which I'm having my Chemistry class, somehow I felt I'm gonna to sick. My body temperature starts to heat up and I'm started to have tiny mini headache. So, I tell Chea Lin that maybe I'm not going to attend classes tomorrow as I felt not very well... I go home straight as usual and I started to have chills... Yeah, the sick period is coming but I usually know how to cope such situation. No medication except enough rest and healthier food on sick period. I told my parents that I'm not going to campus tomorrow as I'm not feeling well. be continue WEEK 4
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