How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm suffering from....

Do you know what I need right now?

Okey, I'm been in UTAR Kampar for Week 2 and it's quite giving a stress lately. First, in the mondays morning, I need to wake up at least 6 AM to do my laundry (with my bare hands...), brush my teeth, get my shower and prepare my breakfast. Yeah, Michele had to wake my lazy ass up so I can go to campus with her since my 1st lecture is on around 9 AM.Michele go for her class earlier than me so she go first. Kinda seperating our paths due to our timetable. Because of the Week 1, sorry I don't have time to update my blog because I'm no free to surf the net and in addition, I'm using people's line (if not mistaken, he or she or they is/are Utarians on May 2007). It's kinda hard to use people's line especially through wireless. Manages to hack a bit in order me and Michele to use their internet faster and smoother but still, it's darn slow...

In Week 1, my first class talked about computer stuffs. Mr. Tey, itulah nama tutor saya yang pertama. Quite funny when he starts his grandmother stories (which I'm not bother to hear). Then, Mr. Yeoh, my maths teacher like a *** because he speaks and act like ***. (*** stands for something, if you are my coursemates, you know what I'm talking about!) I felt pity for him because while he's rushing to teach us basic algebra and differentiation, he didn't realized another tutor was waiting outside of my D121 lecture room. The tutor is so furious until I said to my coursemates, "He's like a bulldog who waits to charge somebody!". Then, 15 minutes later, the tutor knocks the windows outside the class. Bam, bam and bam! Baru Mr. Yeoh realized that he use more 15 minutes. Kesian him because after the tutor masuk the room, he scold my tutor... Sigh what to do? Maths requires time to explains on the dy/dx...

Now, about my physics teacher, Ir.Chan... Do you know what "Ir." stands for? Actually, at first I thought it was a typing error but I'm wrong. It's a title for engineers to have. Okey, back to the line. He's sounds like the Professor Snape in Harry Potter movies. Act the same, sounds the same but don't have the same attitude (Lucky me!) He' quite okey and he's very fast to summarize his notes in many paragraphs to a short, tiny sentence! Understood (my brain just snaps!) That's the word I can tell my feelings in his class.

About other tutors, they don't have anything for me to complain because they are just okey. For Week 1, I nominate my Maths tutor as the best teacher as I ask him some questions about maths personally about an hour. Kinda very helpful! Thanks Mr Yeoh. You got my vote on Week 1!

Week 2 is my busiest week ever! Go to campus early, back from campus LATE! No time to do this and that. Do you want to know after I had my dinner only, it's 9 PM. Argh!!! be continue in WEEK 3

Nigel Foong
Tired Being UTARians!
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