How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hohoho! I'm going to go to my 1st ever university lecture tomorrow...

Now, I can name so many types of feelings I'm having right this moment. Nervous? Happy? I'm countless on it! But anyway, life goes on. No matter how we avoid, we need to face it in the end...
About my chemistry course, I so lucky because my course is recognized by Royal British Society Of Chemistry recently. So, although it's not my time yet to study in U.K. but at least I have place and target to go after my degree especially my vision in education is to get at least a master place. (~Berangan - angan~)

So, anyway I'll start my journey tomorrow at about 8 AM to campus because me and Michele got some stuffs to do at DSA. She's getting up her 'lost' goodies and I just have a few updates and questions to DSA. Then, I need to accompany Michele to look for her timetable... Don't know why she can get it because my helpful senior, Evelyn said we need to attend classes on 26 May no matter whether got studies or not. Anyway, I got some free time because my class starts only on 11 AM. Plenty time to hang around! He he he (hopefully the guards won't catch me being loitering around UTAR blocks...)

About the chemistry syllabus, I think I can handle it because as I can see from the past years questions in the Student Intranet from UTAR website, at least I can answer a few questions based on Ms. Kok (my ex-teacher in ACS Ipoh) style and knowledge. The rest like calculus and algebra thing, I'm scared a bit because I'm very poor in Maths. What to do? Need to study also...
Ah! Not forgetting that my first lecture is on computing... Hmm, as from the past years questions, I think I need to study a bit. Although I'm a computer psycho, I need to know certain things a bit deep and harder. Come to this path, I think it should be okay momentarily.

About leaving my beloved Kledang Hill, Menglembu, Perak, I don't think it was a bad thing to feel. So far, my house in Kampar feel like a second home to me... The problem I'm worrying about is dunno whether I can go back to Ipoh on friday at least by evening because need to help my mum in da Friday pasar malam in First Garden. Quite worry because the business there is very good and my mum need a helping hand. I'm just worry that my mum couldn't stand such condition because she's got her heart stress. But my father and my grandma ask me if really cannot make it, don't come back. I hope my mum would really UNDERSTAND my condition if I cannot do so on Fridays...

My first grandmother story in this blog. Do update yourself on my blog as I'll post it everyday or weekly... See ya!

Nigel Foong
Menglembu Boy
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