How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Thursday, July 21, 2011


For the pass few blog post made, I think I was depressed by a few things.

Quite a month where I find jobs, deal with family matters and got some unexpected events around me.

Let's talk about my job hunting. I got several calls including the ones I didn't apply. Probably due to that I grant access of my resume and personal profiles to those companies are seeking for workers. After being introduced by one of my friend about trying out a position, I got the interview for the company though. During the interview, I was being told that the position I applied was assigned at Shah Alam instead of my hometown, Ipoh. Plus, they offer the salary below what I expected if I live in KL. I told them to reconsider the offer by putting me in Ipoh where they can put me back in the town instead of KL. Finally, I got the offer but there was something about their company policy which made me to turn down the job offer.

Soon, I was being called for second interview which happened to be in Shah Alam area. Due to my last visit to KL to visit my grandpa's grave, I was being appointed for the interview right after the visit. At first, I had some quarrel with my mum that I go to the site on my own by driving. She asked me to go there by public transport. Since I have to make wise decision, I did some research about the area which is Bukit Jelutong. Asking friends that are from KL, map search and even Wikipedia. In the end, I have to drive due to lack of public transportation in that place. As a result, I went there with my mum.

As for the outcome, I was being interviewed by a stern lady but she's very friendly in talking, just she talk very little. During the interview, she was impressed on what I have but she told me that the salary will not be high, not more than 2K. So, she saw me as a opportunist, she arranged me with the second interview with the director. I was quite shock and didn't prepare much for the higher ranker's interview. On the other hand, it went even better than the first one. More on academic questions and experience. But I didn't touch about the salary matter as I was being told not to ask in front of the director. In the end of the day, I was quite disappointed that I was being offered with low salary in KL places.

Since then, whenever I accept a call for interview, I will ask them about the salary and see whether it fits the bill. If not, I won't bother to waste my time and energy to travel far for the sake of interview. Anyway, I got my third interview which was in Penang. Same thing, I went there with my mum.

This interview was even astonished me. Before the interview, I was given an application form but not just this, a QA test for a QA engineer position. What the heck! I'm able to answer the math, some bits and bytes questions of computing but not electronics. Darn it, the test asked me about calculations on volts after passing severals resistors. I remembered the symbols of electronic circuits but I don't remember the formulae. So, I just leave it blank. In the end of the paper, there were some questions which were more to personality such as leaderships, decision making and personal interest.

Something like that.

During the interview, there were three staffs and in sudden, one was added and it became four. They seems to be interested in projects as I told them I didn't undergo internships as my course didn't offered it. Then, I realised their directions of asking questions. They told me that every problems that being encountered will become a project. Projects that required rectifying the source of problem, giving out presentation internally and externally, solving problems, application of methods and generate new ideas for future process. They even told me it's a routine as a QA engineer. I was like "Duh, why I come for this stupid interview that the job assigned is totally not related to what I've learnt. Plus, I even don't have an interest on it!" It's not that I didn't read the job description at the first place as they inserted the job details which were quite related to what I can do. In the end, I treat that journey as a short trip to Penang. At least, I had a meal there before I come back to Ipoh.

After my Penang interview, my father went for a surgery and he needs a long time for recovery. Hence, I need to stay close to my home to take care of my father and help my mum in the night market. In that tough time, I was so stressed as I can't go far to get a job. Plus, the low salary matter contributes to the feeling as well.

On the other side, I found out that some of my friend mocked me about my job hunting. So called I was showing off and even dared to repost my FB status, make it as a joke and wish that I can't get a proper job. If they were taking it as their entertainment, I don't like it. Seriously, it sounds that you're looking me where I'm a very bad person and a person that treats for gossips and centre of the attention. I've been in that state before I met them. I arise from those negative looks and I don't mind doing it again but you have change my point-of-view on you. In the end, there's no change when I look at you on that way. Consider me that I've blacklisted you and I will just ignore your presence in future. Even that I'm not as good as other people, I'm proud of what I have done, what I'm doing and what I'm going to do because this is me, not other people. And I'm proud of people who thinks the same on themselves.

Okay, end of the blurps on these people. Back to the real story. As for last week, finally I got the call from UTAR for lab officer position. I even changed the two interviews on that day for the sake of it. Well, two of interviewers were happened to be my lecturers. Not to mentioned, one of them video-cam with me from PJ campus. In the session, I was asked by those general interview questions, and including identifying a glassware.

Volumetric flask. 50 mL (not as pictured above). And with glass stopper on it.

I know what it was but being asked further about preparing certain concentration and some formulae to do it. Simple. He was giving a smile and little knuckles, looks positive. Then, the main question comes by asking me how long would I spend here and my willingness to work more than 5 days. Since the campus is not far from my home, I agreed and willing to do it. Plus, I might move back to Kampar after a few months when my father is fully recovered. At the end of the session, I was being told to wait for a week whether I will get this job or not. I think it will be a 50% chance as there are another two person applying for the same position. Hope that I can get it and start working as soon as possible.

I think I will end this post for now. On next week, I will go for the postponed interviews in Penang but I hope to receive the good news from UTAR before I go to Penang. All the best and I'm wish good luck to my coursemates who were just started working, or still seeking job like me. Just be prepared expect the unexpected and wait for them.

P.S.: If I get the job in UTAR, the blog name will stay the same. And it's another good news! :)
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