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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not that I can't do it

I'm officially clueless and helpless on my life right now. I'm going to lose the control since the workloads are pouring in non-stop. A bit depressed...

Actually, what I want to point out is whenever I want to do something I want, I will never reach the goal no matter how hard I tried.
Lab reports come to my brain and I'm totally blank when I saw them. I don't like to copy my friends' work and by the attitude of referring to their work is already giving me the feeling of guilty. I try not to copy them and make my own words on it by understanding what the experiments by my ownself.

Last few days, my cousin brother just ask me copy homework from friends when he saw me doing lab reports back in CNY week. Emm, I wonder the copycat syndrome is dominating the world. No wonder people demands for creditials or else you'll be sued.
The other part is related to my health. I'm trying to reset my biological clock to the normal because I'm starting to stay awake in midnight and my body feel lethargic. So tired until my lecturer ask me why I'm sleeping in the class. Luckily, he understands my condition and I promised him not to doze off. Not to mention, my friend took pictures on me when I was dozing off. Damn it!


So, back to the story. I try to sleep at least by 11 pm. I will stop doing anything and resume them after 4 am. The things is when I woke up, it's always at 7 to 8 am. An hour or so towards my first lecture class everyday. Oh man...
Secondly, I'm start to quit my daily intake of coffee and try to have tea or other things but more people around me start to take coffee. My friends will have their Nescafe and it seems that they are trying to tempt me for coffee. Usually, when I'm still a coffeeholic, I seldom see them having coffee but recently, the coffee thingy starts to hype up! Oh man (for the second time...)
I think that the god is playing prank on me. He play me like in The Sims 3 (a simulation game)!
One press of a button, lots of bad things will happened. I wonder I can play prank on him instead.
A bientot!

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