How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I hope I had another "Nigel Foong" in my life. My brain can't support too many jobs at the same time.
The most is two things in one time. Just like my lappie, Intel Pentium Dual Core. But my brain cannot undergo virtualization, 64 bit systems and less than 1 GHz clock speed. More likely to become Intel Atom D.
Now, I'm having nightmare. Whenever I go to my slumber bed and have dreams, I'm dreaming things I should do when I'm awake.

Can't get it? Let see this way. Assume that you're going to have test tomorrow and you are revising. When you are sleeping, you will study in your dreamland as well.

So, that's my case. I'm having a lot of things to do lately (and I'm not regretting to do so because I have my reasons). Hopefully, I can cope this semester with my brand new Chemistry Society and studies.
Someone told me, "Busy is fun" but actually it's not. It makes you stressfull and look like hell. Whenever I woke up, I see myself like hell. More strands of white hair growing due to late night sleep and dull face.

Weekend is the best time for me to recharge myself. Mostly, in my uni place, I wake up as early as 7 to 8 but once I'm back at my hometown, it will be 4 to 5 pm... A crazy mass recharge! :P

Anyway, no matter how I rant and blabber, I still need to continue my hectic life.
Now, they have Intel Core i7, right? I hope I can upgrade my brain with it. Less energy, higher efficiency and speed.

A bientot!

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