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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Renew Identity Card

Just back from National Department of Registration of Malaysia, Kinta branch which is situated at the sub-urban area. So far from city and I'm not going to comment on it because it will be a long grandmother story.

Yeah, my sister and I went there to renew our identity cards, MyKad. I'm still holding my first MyKad (which is after 12 years old) and my sister is the second since she had her card without embedded chip at the first place. Firstly, I thought we can renew our IC at any time but I heard some one said so:-

"You must renew your IC after 21 or you will be fined by a certain amount if you miss your chance!"I was like 'OMG' and quickly ask my sister to renew with me since she didn't do so after 21 years old for 3 years! She seems relaxing and take it as a small matter. In the end, I advised her to renew to avoid the fine.When we was there, we didn't ask to fill any forms since our details in the IC is still the same. The part I hate was that I need to wait for half an hour.

There was a box where we can rate the service by dumping our waiting number paper in it. "Excellent, Good, Satisfactory and Weak".

I give them a "Satisfactory" rate... :P

(Actually I want to give them "Weak" because the workers are not in mood to work. You know, it's Sunday and everyone hates to work extra day.)

I just need to pay RM 10 and take a latest picture. My sister's IC wasn't returned because her IC has some problem.

Ha ha ha. I still keep mine for another 3 weeks! :D

When my picture was taken, I requested to see it and it came out fine. My sister took longer time because she's a bit choosy. Girls will become perfectionist when we talk about the looks and styles.

So, what's gonna be?
Can't wait for another 3 weeks to see my brand new IC and see my photo!!!

By the way, as friendly advise, for those who haven't change your IC (for Malaysians only), here's the payment you need to fork out:

(1) 18-25 years old (Renew process: RM 10; Total sum: RM 10)
(2) 25-30 years old (Renew process: RM 20, Fine: RM 20; Total sum: RM 40)
(3) 30 years old and above (Renew process: RM 10; Total sum: RM 10)

Lucky for my sister because she's gonna be 25 in ten days... She should treat me for reminding her! :P

By the way, the IC thingy reminds me on this TVC.

I hope I can make pose during the photo shoot. Minus the makeup.

A bientot!

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