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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Here's another festive greeting from me and I hope you guys like it.

For those who are:-

Christians: May you all have a wonderful Christmas celebration with full of joys.
Non-christians: Take the opportunity to join in the festival with friends.
Away from home: You're not alone and enjoy yourself around. Hopefully you can get home next time. :)
You know, if you believe in Santa Claus, you need a sock and hang it somewhere on the wall of your house. He will get into your house by chimney. In Malaysia, we don't have chimney in home and I wonder how he's gonna come it. Maybe, break in? XD. I think my dog will give him a bite first... Then, he put your presents into the sock. You might wanna leave something for Santa to eat...
Just don't do that for the sake of your ideal present. :P

So, I might want to get my socks from here...
Hopefully, I'm still in the 'good' list and might need to leave a note for him.

Use gloves to handle the sock. Handle at your own risks!
:P Just some lame jokes here... Ignore it.

A bientot!

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