How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sad but yet happy.

I've joined a photography competition and submitted 5 photos.
In the first filtration, my 3 photos have been kick out...
Wonder why...
Siok San, I cannot give you a treat since I've promised that if I win, you will get a treat! T.T
Never mind.

In the top 30, I waited for my photo anxiously to be selected.
In the end, 1 photo was kicked out.
I'm in tense and my last photo is in Top 20.
Considering that I'm using digital camera, Kodak Easyshare M883, my camera can be like DSLRs because most of the Top 20 photos were taken by DSLRs.
Not bad!

One of the judge approached me and ask:

Judge: So, your photo is still there ar?
Me: Erm, yes.
Judge: Emm, not bad. It's hard to get into Top 20 eventually but consider your photo is nice and quality.
Me: Yeah yeah...
Judge: So, what is your DSLR? Canon?
Me: Erm... I don't have DSLR. I took the picture using my Kodak.

The judge give me a weird look as if he didn't believe my words...
Then, he go back to his position to other judges.

So, my best photo is...
Nice? I hope I can do better in next photo competition in the future.
Love my parents for giving Kodak last years in my 21st birthday!
Kodak, kaulah permata hatiku!

By the way, this is the 100th post for the blog!
Can't imagine that I have 100 posts of my rantings, experience and stuffs I shared in this blog!
More and more to come in the future (even I've graduate from UTAR)
Some one ask me before, what happen to my blog after I graduate?
I just keep it as usual because this blog is telling the life of an undergraduate of chemistry student in Kampar! Nothing will change my blog until I decide to retire and let go off my blog...


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