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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

French Class Photos!

*P.S.: Actually (for those who are coming to this site for the sake of French Class group photo), this is my blog... Not very practical to send the group photos one by one but instead here, you all can see and save it easily... So, welcome har!

So, today is my last class of French class and just know a few UTARians today...
Need to take time to know each other by emails and Facebook! Add me in Facebook and Friendster! Any bloggers there want to have a link in my blog, just post your blog site at my Chatterbox!
Here's the photo I took and I've cropped a bit and enhance the photos with Photoshop...

(Click to enlarge the photo)

UTAR French Language May 2009

Take two!
We (Jensen, Wei Thian and me) are having fun with our coursemates and Jensen kena buli kau kau...
He's so photogenic...
At the same time, he want to shoot you! ^^
And he can act anything...
A retard person for example... He's making a cheerful scene and the girl behind him was excited!
Totally a good act!
I think Jensen should be an actor or comedian...

So, this is my end of French Language Level 1. Level 2? I'm considering on next year... He he!
I'll miss you, Dr. Aissa and thanks for spending time to teach us French!

Je vous remercie, Dr. Aissa! Vous êtes professeur de français merveilleux et formidable et je vous rappellerez que dans ma vie!

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