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Saturday, January 22, 2011

You're so fake.

Yeah. That's life.

People are faking it with their selfish actions. No matter how good you think you're, being fake is still the big lies. No white or whatever lie, lie means lie.

For the past 2 months, I began to see a person true face although I heard a lot of accusation about this person. If you're reading this and you think that it's you, that's you. At first, I thought that you are a nice person that really cares about me but instead, you're giving me a fake personality, false accusation behind my back and hurts my family members.

Telling you the truth, once I know the real you, whatever you gave to me, including fake prayers, I just dunk it into trash. You are nothing but a liar. Lie to me and my parents.

Seriously, I'm furious when I found someone who has been cheating and avoiding problems. Specifically, liars. I don't mind having less people that I know but I rather know people who are not faking themselves when they are with me. I hate liars. I gave every person I know in my life a 100 percent trust. The percentage will only drop not because of me, it's because of you.

I've stop being a stereotype person by accepting other people. I might not know you at first but I will mingle around you to make observations. I don't talk or act doesn't mean that I don't have an eye on you. I don't like to judge people from people's rants. I just people on my own perspective, not being influenced by other people.

You can show your angelic and soulful attitude for a moment but it won't last. No matter how great a person is, they will eventually show their true colors. The first and last thing I will do is very simple: observe. If you're caught red handed, it's very hard for you to gain forgiveness from me. You just void my trust on you and there's the very one chance you have.

It's your fault, not mine.

I'm a person who willing to give 100% trust, chance and step down for other people. I make myself accepting other people than prioritize myself because I'm happy to do so. I'm happy because I'm showing my very own attitude without faking it. I know that because it will be stressful to be two or more personality in front of other people. I am what I am. I dislike to tell lies because this sinful act has consumed me and brings me to sadness and sorrow to people around me. I don't like that kind of situation. So, I stop myself from telling lies. Even it's a white lie.

The best I do the telling the truth. Truth can be hurt but at least people will accept your genuine voice and action. Being fake in order to cover problems won't solve anything. Instead, you are adding piles of new problems on it. Plus, isn't it tiring to be fake? I found that it's very tiring. Why not being truthful? It's simple and the best.

I know that lying is part of the social needs. We cannot live without lie or truth alone. They counteract each other to spice up things. But once one of them is out of balance, our life will go be mad. I rather stay as truthful as I can. I don't want people to accuse me being a liar.

If you think that you are going to give any 'suprises' to me or my family member, carry on. I will wash you away like shore. Don't try to threat my family member.

Telling you first, as a last friendly advice.

"You are barking at the wrong tree."
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