How's My Day In UTAR Kampar?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Special Lab Report

Lucky in UTAR, no such thing occured in the lecture classes...
Today, not the sound pollution become a problem to the students...
Their human bodies anatomies also BECOME a problem...


Title: Students attitude in class

Objective: To verify their bad attitudes when in a lecture class


Today, I was in the class and there is a couple who came to class (late for 20 minutes by the way). So when they were sat behind me, they starts to brag their conversation and didn't care about Dr. Lim's lecture...

Actually, I want to BUZZ them off but since the class is going to end, I just leave them happily sitting in a duck boat and chit chatting.

Material: Myself and an annoying couple

Apparatus: Room DDK 1, Dr. Lim's lecture


(1) Sit still and concentrate in the class.

(2) Wait for the couple to sit behind you and let them starts having the 'duck-boat' moment.

(3) Observe your chair and record the results.


The couple made noise unnessarily = Yes
Other annoying acts = Yes, the BF kick my chair intentionally
Is a warning given? = Yes
How he/she reacts? = Reply 'Sorry"
What did he/she do after reaction above = Still kicking my chair and pretend to be nothing but happy-go-lucky


I discovered that sound pollution is one of the major problems of students attitude in classes. They tend to speak with their friends about their happenings, love lifes and other unnecessary items which is NOT related to the lecture sessions. Hence, they are a few good varsity samaritan ask them to silent but that way is not an effective way as the idiots kept talking behind until the end of the lecture.

Another problem I've discovered that is not only sound can disturb the class, the idiot's anatomies especially their legs. I justify my statement where I was being kicked at my chair by a guy. Action has been taken but he tend to ignore it. Maybe, he has a language problem or he's a retard...

Conclusion: Next time, if we encounter such incident, just FCUK them off and give no chance.

Precaution steps: Don't be polite to deal with such people

Reference: No. It's based on personal experiences
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