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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ceh! No One Bothers To Do So!

Today, I read my newspaper and saw something familiar...

I wonder how many times that Malaysia government gonna advertise these wasteful adverts in our media. No one is going to quit eventually and yet, number of smokers rised some more... I made my own version for those who don't stop smoking...

See that? Once, there was a teacher in high school told me before she saw smokers smoke at places where it's forbid to smoke and there's a sign, "No Smoking. Penalty given if caught!" in front of them.

Yet, they ignore it. So, she recommended that the sign should be written, "Smoke, smoke till you die!"

Whatever it is, smokers gonna be a majority in our society.

I wonder why they smoke at the first place? Cool? High feeling? *thinking*

I hope smokers think about their health, family members, people around and of course, the environment which is full of CO2 and CO.

So, you got brain right? Think la~ *sigh*

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