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Monday, September 15, 2008

TOMY Kurohige “Hard Gay” Edition (フゥ~!)

I want it so BADLY bcoz it's a very funny toy~

Want it but no $$$... (sigh~)

It's a special version of TOMY Kurohige "Hard Gay" Edition!

Only available in Japan.
Want to buy? Buy it from Some sellers from Japan provides shipping to M'sia.
Price? You will be shocked! Not more than RM 40! Consider cheap for such special edition toy!
Actually, it's a game where you insert the dummy into the can and you start to poke the can with knife...
If not kena (the dummy didn't bounce off), it will sound "Say, Say, Say...", "Okay" and other Hard Gay featured sounds! (Actually, it dumb to listen to his voice by the way!)
If kena (the dummy bounce off), it will sound "Foo!!!" (フゥ~!)...
Watch the video below for further demonstrations...

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